20171124 155819

The children from P4-7 had a trip to the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, it was a very long day but it was a fun filled day. 

First they visited W5 and had an amazing time experimenting, exploring and creating with lots of different objects.

While there they also took part in two shows/classes, first they each made a gazoo with lolly pop sticks and second was watching a show learning about liquid nitrogen and its effects.

After W5 they went into the odyssey area to watch an ice hockey match between RPI and Clarkson, the game started at 3pm.

There was a lot of cheering, shouting, screaming and banging of paper fans for which ever team you supported.

The final score was RPI 0 - 2 Clarkson.

We returned home just after 7pm with a lot of very tired children, but a fabulous day was had by all and it was a fantastic experience for everyone involved.